Extended exchange period and 1-2 days of free delivery - It has never been easier to indulge in quality for Christmas <3


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    Vilken fin present! Jag förlänger gärna bytesrätten, så att den gäller från den dag du ger bort presenten.

    Limited Hoops

    My limited hoops got swooped away and are now sold out. BUT my Black Week is far from over! enjoy -30% on all my pieces. it's the biggest save of the year!
    Get -30% off all pieces

    Craftsmanship and exclusivity in one design

    This year, my tool has been given free rein to create a truly unique and raw texture in pure sterling silver.

    Limited CB 23
    Limited CB 23

    0 kr

    1 049 kr

    Limited CB 23
    Limited CB 23

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    1 049 kr

    My Limited Edition Piece sells out every year, and this will be no exception.
    My Limited piece is this year's most exclusive design, and you get it for 0 kr at my Limited event.
    This year, you won't just receive one piece of jewellery - you'll get a pair. A pair of exclusive Limited Hoops in pure precious metal.

    Secure the Limited piece today

    My Limited event has started - this year's Limited Hoops come with every order for 0 kr. But it's only in a limited quantity, so hurry!

    The story behind
    my Limited piece

    Limited CB

    Every year, I design a Limited piece for my Black Friday.


    My first Limited piece sold out in 16 hours.


    The Limited piece sold out in 6 hours.


    The Limited piece sold out in under 3 hours.


    Over 10,000 people were ready, and my entire payment system crashed. That will never happen again. I promise!


    Those who weren't on my Limited list didn't get the piece. Now you've been warned <3


    My biggest Limited event ever - and this year, everything is different. I hope you'll be ready on Thursday.

    How will you style your new hoops?

    This year's hoops are crafted in the perfect size. They are the ultimate day-to-night hoops, ready for your everyday wear and prepared to elevate your look in the evening. It's all about your styling. Here's my moodboard - feel inspired! <3

    You can only get my Limited piece right now

    The Limited piece will never be sold again. In fact, this piece is a completely unique and exclusive treat that you can never get hold of again. In other words, this is your only chance!

    Which piece will you choose?

    Guldpläterat sterlingsilver·Guldpläterat sterlingsilver·Guldpläterat sterlingsilver·Guldpläterat sterlingsilver·

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    1 049 kr

    Frequently asked questions

    This year, I’m celebrating Black Week, and it officially starts with my Limited event on Thursday, November 16th at 8:00 p.m. (CEST). If you're on my Limited list, you'll receive a code for access at 7:00 p.m.. You can sign up for the list a little further up.

    When you visit my website during the event, you'll have the option to choose my Limited CB 23 piece in either sterling silver or gold-plated. The piece will be added to your cart like a regular item, so you can see that you have it all the way through your purchase.

    You can't create many looks and expressions with just one earring. So of course, you'll receive two earrings - in other words, a pair of earrings if you're one of the lucky ones to get this year's Limited piece

    The piece is only reserved once you've checked out and paid. But don't worry, you'll never be able to pay without having the piece in your cart. If it's sold out, it will be indicated before you complete your purchase.

    If the piece is sold out, you'll receive a notification when you proceed to checkout, and you won't be able to finalize your purchase.

    Unfortunately, I can't guarantee anyone a piece. I include the piece in all orders as long as stock lasts.

    Yes, you can exchange all pieces purchased for my Limited event as usual and still keep your Limited CB 23 piece.

    No, it's not possible to partially refund the purchase. If you want to return the piece and get a refund, you also need to return the Limited CB 23 piece.

    No, it's not possible to partially refund the purchase. If you want to return the piece and get a refund, you also need to return the Limited CB 23 piece.

    Jag har skickat tillbaka dig till föregående sida, eftersom årets Limited-smycke fortfarande är hemligt 🖤✨